From Philly to Farm.

In West Philadelphia.

A small, 1 bedroom apartment is literally where this dream began.  We wanted more from life than material gain.  We wanted independence from broken systems and unreliable distributors.  It wouldn’t be easy and it wouldn’t happen overnight, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.  In that small apartment we took our first step.  8 years and not sure how many miles, but we have been building those dreams. Flocks of chickens, goats, and cucumbers up to our eyeballs. And we have barely scratched the surface.

My biggest passion is exploring and experimenting with new recipes and now I want to share the journey with people around the world. Each week, I post at least one new recipe or tip on this blog that I hope you will enjoy. My goal is to inspire you to live a healthy, delicious life, every day! Feel free to reach out with any comments, suggestions, or just to say hi! Bon Appétit!

“Run Back To Your Roots. With passion. With reckless abandon. And Without hesitation. Run. They are calling you.”

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