Azure Standard for Beginners

I like to think of Azure Standard almost the way the general store worked back in the day. You placed a monthly order and your purchased items would come in a large order with other residents purchased items. The general store also was a place community collected and socialized.

Think of Azure Standard similarly, a mercantile of bulk organic goods that is delivered at a meeting point. Local residents who placed an order, meet at a designated meeting place and help unload the truck, stacking boxes and sacks of flour by name. Once the unpacking is done you grab your order and go on your merry way.

For us, Azure has been such a blessing and honestly an easy way to build up our pantry of organic goods, at a decent price, that I wouldn’t be able to find locally. Each month I choose to order I simply head down to our meeting spot, a local Amish farm, and hang out for about 20 minutes with other like-minded families and pick up our order. The Amish farm monopolizes on this by offer sales of organic baked good and local meats.

If you struggle to find community of like-minded friends this would be a place to find fellow granola crunching, kombucha swigging comrades.

Azure Standard IS NOT a monthly subscription and ordering through them isn’t a membership with fees.

I put this in bold because with other organic shops, like thrive market, there is a ton of confusion. You order when you want to and as little or as much as you would like to! There is no pressure.

Check Out Their Website Here.

Here is a list of my top ten favorite Azure Standard Buys!

Once Again Nut Butter, Inc. Peanut Butter, Creamy, No Salt, Organic – 9 lb
Hands down my family’s favorite peanut butter. If you are having a hard time weaning your family off store-bought peanut butter, this will do the trick!

Sappo Hill Soap Bar Soap, Oatmeal, Fragrance-Free – 3 x 3.5 oz
Honestly, this is soap my kiddos and I use. Easy, simple and cheap. I can buy a years worth for less than $10 usually and it’s literally the most simple ingredients.

Azure Market Organics Cheddar Cheese Powder, Organic – 1 lb
This is our go to for easy homemade boxed mac and cheese! Simply use the powder like you would a box of Kraft, mixing it with butter and milk. We also like to sprinkle this over popcorn to make a healthy homemade white cheddar popcorn, my kids love it.

Azure Market Organics Pastas
All the Azure brand pastas. I have had no complaints. Our local grocery store has organic spaghetti and penne, both are super expensive. But Azure has literally every pasta under the sun and at a great price. I like to throw a 20lb bag on extra during every order and that is how I’ve been able to stock up or pantry super easy and on a budget!

Central Milling Artisan Bakers Craft Unbleached White Wheat Flour, Organic – 50 lbs
This has become our go to all purpose flour. Does the job, no complaints. And hands down the best price I’ve found on 50 lbs bags of organic flour.

Thousand Hills Beef Snack Stick, Shelf Stable, Original – 1 oz
My children will literally eat these all in one sitting if I let them. Think slim jims – accept real meat and the farming practices get an A+ in my book!

One Degree Oats, Steel Cut, Sprouted, Organic – 4 x 24 oz
Hands down the best steel cut oats out there, and this is the best price I’ve been able to find!

Azure Market Produce Potatoes, Russet, Organic – 10 x 5 lb
Every few months we stock up on these and then spend a weekend prepping fries, scalloped potatoes, hash browns and all the potato items before throwing them in gallon bags and into the freezer. Easiest way to have amazing hand cut homemade fries on the fly.

All their Kitchen Supplies
We have bought all the Norpro products and have loved them, but also stock up on cheesecloth… walnut scrubbers… tea strainers… They have all worked wonderfully!

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