Vintage Floral Skirts 101

One of the most asked questions on our instagram is about my vintage skirts. So here is specifically what I look for when shopping for skirts. Again, this is what I look for when dressing my body so if you are interested in my skirts, this will probably be for you and if not that’s fine too.

When it comes to my wardrobe I’m definitely a minimalist. Getting dressed in the morning is much easier when you can pick any old skirt out of your drawer, it matches with every top you own and you love each one. That’s what I’m looking for.

Easy peasy.
And I feel good in it.

I don’t buy things because “eh it’s not bad and kinda cute”. I strive for a simple life and finding joy in the small things. I believe we should romance every day life and part of that starts with feeling good getting dressed in the morning. So I want to love all the pieces in my wardrobe, if it ain’t sparking joy it has no place in my drawers. Well, except for fleece lined Carhartts in the Winter – I need those.

I felt foreign in my body after giving birth to Jackson. It was the first time in my life I struggled with feeling good in my skin and very quickly breastmilk stained tops and postpartum sweating contributed to me just feel frumpy and meh. I was stretching my legs as a wife and mother and dang it I wanted to look and dress like a lady. I still remember venturing into Goodwill the first time during their 50% off sale on a mission to get new clothes. Let me stress we had zero money for a new wardrobe so I needed to be able to buy a new outfit for like $5-7 dollars. Luckily we lived near Lancaster county Pennsylvania and many older ladies were apparently Marie Kondo-ing their closets and I was all for taking advantage of it!

Wool sweater for $4? Sure!
Van Heusen skirt for $3? Heck yes!

It’s been six years and 90% of my wardrobe is still thrifted and I like it that way. It takes a lot for me to reach into my purse for a $40 top or $60 dress. I better want to live in that thing 24/7 if that ever happens. I still have items I originally thrifted six years ago during the initial wardrobe shift. P.S. I also purged my entire closet during that time. Sentimental items were vacuum sealed into storage and anything that I didn’t feel good in went to Goodwill. Needless to say I dropped off a ton in those early years.

But since then I have developed a really good idea of prints I like, brands I prefer and styles that suite me best. Let’s dive in.

When looking for skirts and dresses I prefer romantic floral prints, which usually includes roses. I often search vintage cabbage rose skirt for an exact idea of my dream print. I don’t like modern prints that are trying to look old. I prefer the real deal, something from the 90’s or before.

I prefer straight skirts or a subtle a-line. I’m a busy mom and I’ve found I truly don’t like a lot of fabric or a full skirt. I’m wrangling kids, rushing for conference calls and hoping my garden fence, all multiple times a day. I do not have time or the will to be fussing with a skirt. I really just want to put on something beautiful and go about my day without having to worried about it.

Because of the reasons mentioned above I also don’t like pleats. I like the idea of pleats but really don’t like them on me. I find I get lost in the fabric and it’s just too much for my day to day.

I want the band to be flat on the front and for the skirt to hit at my natural waist, not my hips. I’m almost 5′ 8″ which is on the taller side and prefer to have a more feminine silhouette. You’ll see all my skirts hit me at my natural waist, the smallest part of my torso to give me a bit more curve.

An elastic band on the back of the skirt is my favorite. This detail has allowed me the blessing of keeping my wardrobe throughout the past few years, one of my pregnancies and even fluctuating weight. The elastic in the back is more forgiving so you don’t need a tailor or to take in a skirt yourself.

I love a good front button down skirt. Most of these styles will be a-line so you’ll have a bit fuller skirt and more fabric, remember this! I’ve found the straight skirts are more from the 90’s and even labeled as “y2k” on eBay. If you are looking for the straighter skirt style, keep this in mind!

Below are search terms I’ve used on Poshmark, Mercari, eBay and Facebook Marketplace:

vintage floral skirt
vintage cabbage rose skirt
vintage straight skirt floral
vintage y2k skirt floral
vintage rose skirt
vintage cottagecore skirt*

*cottagecore is trendy and usually with this term the prices can be higher – just keep this in mind.

Scroll. Scroll. Scroll.

Most of my online thrifting has been done while nursing babies in the middle of the night. It’s a great hobby during those late nights when you’re tired and feeding a baby for what feels like the 2938742 time that night. You’re going to have to scroll and search but that’s part of the fun and makes for a really good lazy day hanging out on the couch in sweats activity while I binge watch the Twilight series for the seventh time this year. Yes, sorry that’s real.

Happy thrifting!

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