On The Jonestead – June 14th

My hope is to update this blog week by week as our family and homestead grows here in Kentucky. As a sweet journal we can look back on later and share with friends and family since we’ve moved. It’s funny how quickly a completely foreign state and town can feel like home, maybe that’s some of the charm of a small town.

I never understood people when they would say “God called us there”. I would often think to myself “did you hear his voice in the middle of the night”, because what exactly does it mean when God calls you somewhere? I get it now. The past 7 months planting our roots in a state we had never previously traveled or vacationed to, a town we knew basically no one in, a country road we never heard of until a phone call with this house being available. This is God’s home, four walls that he built for us 20 years ago and we had no clue. The way piece by piece everything fell together without fear or reservation – that was God’s calling.

It still hits me on Wednesday nights when my little shy self is sitting in a church basement during the local women’s bible study I was invited to – He wanted me here. We’ve been studying Ephesians and the Armor of God. We’ve been asked “when is a time you stepped out in Faith?” and boy have I wanted to shout RIGHT NOW, the past seven months of our life, every day!

We are giving ourselves grace every day. Because while we feel peace and at home we are met weekly with reminders we are still learning so much and we need to patient with ourselves. To trying to find local farms to purchase from, get our own raised beds and gardens in, learning to care for a new animal (yes, I’m talking to you Shelby and Molly, you two perfect homestead cow queens), to something as simple as figuring out how to register cars and find doctors and dentists.

It was this past week that I said to Nick “I’m not going to have a huge garden this year, I understand that and I’ve accepted that. But you bet I will make the most out of the one or two raised beds I do have. They will be jam packed with perfect pruned and weeded plants!”. This past Winter as a rested on this hill in our new home I dreamt of a beautiful kitchen garden and it will happen – in time. I’m not rushing it. This year we are unpacking, turning this house into our forever home and building the infrastructure that will be this homestead. You can’t rush that, at least not if you want it done well. So we will steward well what the good lord has given us and for now that is a large raised bed and the two Nick is building and still filling for me.

On The Menu This Upcoming Week

Walking Nachos – I recently had these for the first time and my world has been changed I could eating these every dang day if I let myself. Here’s a hack, Late July has a Nacho tortilla chip that you can sub for Doritos. They taste practically identical and don’t have the MSG or Red 40. Your welcome. Nick also has his own taco seasoning recipe that I need him to write down and share with you guys!

Summer Corn Chowder – Can we make soup a year round weekly thing please? I love soup. I also love salad and the two just go together like PB&J so I’m sold. I have really strong feels like chicken broth, heavy cream and bacon together will make any soup a mouth watering feast. I’m serious. Also, soups always mean you have leftovers so it’s like two dinners for the work of one – another point to soups!

Smash Burgers – These need no explanation. ‘Merica!

Chicken Wraps Night – This is a favorite in our household. Grill yourself some chicken thighs and chop up toppings like lettuce, olives, croutons, bacon, cucumbers, feta. Then everyone builds their own wraps and chooses their favorite dressing to top it! My Honey Thyme Balsamic Vinaigrette is a favorite with this dinner!

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