Unpaper Towels for under $15

I never understood why my parents stressed about the overuse of paper towels until I was the one paying for them. Those things are darn expensive!

If my great great grandma could see me today she would be so confused watching me hand over my hard earned money for a single use item that easily could be replaced by a nifty world changing household item called: The Rag.

When we ventured down the crunchy, natural living rabbit hole many years ago “unpaper towels” were one of the first project I decided to tackle. I actually asked my dad for 10 yards of diaper fabric so I could sew my own. I still remember newly wed Danielle sitting in a barely furnished apartment with her sewing machine on the coffee table proudly sewing a stack of white rags we would use instead of paper towels.

Nowadays I’m not sewing rags, but here we are 8 years later and we are still using “unpaper towels” in our house. I use quotes around the word simply because this isn’t a new idea. Companies like to put fancy names on things to entice natural minded folks to buy things with a big price point. Unpaper towels are just rags. I said it.

So if I’m not sewing my own and Lord knows I’m not buying a set of 8 rags on Amazon for $30, what do we do in our household? Washcloths.

About 4 years ago I waddled my pregnant butt to Target and bought a few sets of the $3, 6 pack Room Essentials washcloths. Through them in a glass jar we received as a wedding gift years ago and boom – wash rags for all my frugal heart’s desires.

Cleaning up spills
Drying hands
Washing dirty hands and faces
Drying garden produce
Wiping counter tops

You name it we use our jar o’ rags to clean it up. The only things I like to keep paper towels on hand for is puppy potty accidents and larger grease/oil spills. You don’t want to stick. grease soaked rag in your dryer. But being totally honest our family cloth diapered for years, I have absolutely cleaned up a toddler or puppy pee pee accident on the floor and through the rag in the wash in a pinch. Heck I’ve used them to clean the bathroom too. If that creeps you out get a second set that is a different color and have a bathroom cleaning set and another general household set.

It all comes out in the wash.

When it comes to washing we have a small laundry basket on the first floor that the clothes get thrown

So there you go! Break up with bounty, buy some rags and call it a day. You don’t need fancy cloths from Amazon or Etsy. Grab some washcloths from the store and start cleaning like great grandma!

It’s a good day for a good day Friends


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